The performance of your mandle or candle is important to us... so we’ve done robust testing out there in the wilds, from workshops & kitchens to boudoirs and bog-rooms.

We've honed our scents to make sure you get the optimum experience. A soft, subtle perfume from your unlit candle and a more robust bouquet wafting from your lit wick. But, sometimes things can happen that affect how a candle may perform and smell. The following questions address some common issues we’ve experienced sniffing, testing and burning our products.

Why is my candle smoking?

Smoke is caused by carbon burning from the wick. The most likely cause is a wick that has become too long. Simply extinguish the candle, trim the wick and when your candle is cool enough, relight.


Or the candle may be sitting in a draught. This can affect the smell and burn time. We recommend burning your candle away from a direct draught.


Why won’t my candle relight?

A short burn, where the wax hasn’t melted fully to the edge of the jar, will result in the candle burrowing a hole in the centre of the wax and drowning out the flame. 


Should this happen, carefully scoop out some wax with a teaspoon and make the candle level again. Never use a knife or sharp object, it may scratch, weaken or cause the glass to break upon subsequent use.

Burn your candle for a minimum of one hour to ensure your candle retains a level surface each time it is lit. This is especially important on the first burn.

For candles and mandles with a wooden wick be sure to pinch off any black, burnt wick before relighting.


Why does the flame differ in size each time I burn my candle?

This can happen with both paper braided cotton and wooden wicks, however the variance can be greater with our natural wooden wicks. Slight variations in density and thickness can affect the way the wick burns. The wick may produce a high flame and at other times a gentle smoulder – this is completely normal.


What do I do if my wick moves from the center of the jar?

This may occur because the heat of the flame has caused the wick’s tab to detach from the base of the vessel. If this happens, simply blow out your candle, wait until the candle is cool enough to touch and recentre the wick. Allow the wax to set, pinch off any remaining burnt wick and relight your candle on a level surface.

What currency am I paying in?

All purchases made on our website aer be charged in New Zealand Dollars (NZD). The exchange rate is be determined at the time of purchase. Our payment providers display all transactions in NZD.

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