The Gentleman’s Club
Gentlemen know that great things always come in threes so we've combined three of our finest MANDLES – Leather, Tobacco and Whiskey.

The Gentleman’s Club

  • This cylinder before you is designed to trigger your MANly brain, you think it’s a club.Yes! It is a club… the GentleMANs Club, containing the essential ingredients of our fore-MANS – whiskey, leather and tobacco. We, here at William & Emerson, know it’s not just one thing that makes a gentleMAN, it’s MANy. We always hold the door open for the ladies, it’s the only way to see both the front and the back. Our drinks come in two types 12 year old and 18 year old. Our interior decorating ideas always include mahogany, leather and antlers. And we only smoke in a suitable jacket with unsuitable friends. Our rules are simple, but ever so gentleMANly. Light one of our MANDLES and evoke the gentleMAN in you.

  • These three MANDLEs, made from 100% natural soy wax will each burn for 40+ hours.

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