Leather Mandle 400g


Leather Mandle 400g

  • This MANDLE has been handmade with the finest local and imported ingredients. The wick speaks with the same gentle crackle heard at our MANcestors camp fires. Stare at it, inhale the richly scented MANroma and evoke the MANstinct of leather – with notes of cedar, musk, moss, dirt, whale spew (the ladies call it ambergris), suede, chamois and rawhide.


    A heavy, heady MANDLE with hints of bircher oil, myrtle, juniper, styrax and cistus labdanum. Unmistakable manliness in an up cycled beer bottle.

  • Made from 100% natural soy wax this mandle has a burn time of 80+ hours.


    The vessel has been filled with beer many a time and can be used to hold more beer while you decide which MANDLE you’ll man up to next.

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