• Nikki MacDonnell

Heard of NZ Made March...

(No? You're not alone)

It was this time, last year I first heard of NZ MADE MARCH. It really is an actual thing! Not many people know about it, but it’s gaining traction. We’re proud to be on board and able to share it with you.

Started by clothing company Kilt, in 2012, NZ MADE MARCH shines the spotlight on quality local products and producers. Each March we challenge the good folk of NZ to only buy NZ made products (where possible). By choosing Kiwi companies, we can support local business and keep the skills and jobs right here.

It’s a brilliant way of celebrating, and nurturing, fabulous home-grown products. You might even be surprised to discover some well known brands.

Sure, it’s great to import different products into NZ – there’s a place for them. But when you discover something fabulous made right here in NZ, don’t you feel a wee surge of pride? I sure do!

So, at William and Emerson, we like to walk the talk. It’s not just about promoting local. We source everything we need for our products from quality NZ businesses, wherever we can. Then we spread the word by sharing our networks with like minded entrepreneurs.

We’ve even changed our logo for the occasion. And, of course, every single one of our candles and diffusers is hand poured, with love, in Petone. Our customers often tell us how much they love our products. Especially because they are made right here in NZ.

While we’re here, we want to also take a moment to say thanks. To our stockists our subscribers and our customers. For supporting our local smelly NZ made business!


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