• Nikki MacDonnell


(what’s it all about?)

Well, it all started with an Aussie bloke named Adam Garone who started thinking up ways to bring back the good old moustache (of the retro variety).

Inspired by the women’s Breast Cancer cause, the self-proclaimed moustache farmer looked for a foundation to support, dedicated just to men. Digging deeper, he discovered the number of people affected by prostate cancer was equivalent to breast cancer statistics. Yet there was no organisation dedicated to raising awareness or funding research.

To get men talking about their health (and legitimize the act of mo-growing), Adam decided to launch Movember in 2007 with the brilliant tag line, ‘changing the face of men’s health’.

Now the biggest funder of prostate cancer in the world the foundation has extended its mandate to include prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention in men.

So, if you are dedicated to the cause but missing the barber because of mo-growing season, don't cave in and reach for the razor. Just order yourself a Barbershop Mandle, sit back, close your eyes and inhale that sweet barber smell of amber, musk, talc and bay rum.

And, in support, we will donate 10% of all the Barbershop Mandles sold in November to the Movember foundation.

But more importantly, we'd love you to get that check-up!