• Nikki MacDonnell

A little bit of (candle) etiquette, please...

I’m not fazed by terribly much. But when I saw my dear friend about to light a candle without removing the burned wick first – a deep guttural ‘noooo’ spewed forth from somewhere deep within me.

It was one of our William & Emerson candles – most likely made by me, so I know first hand the time and love that went into that jar of scented wax goodness. I just couldn’t stand by and let it be treated so flippantly.

A candle, no matter where from or who made it, needs a little bit of love. Especially if you want it to love you back. To get the most out of each burning session get the start right, the end right and the middle will take care of itself.

Each and every time you light your candle, trim the wick from the last burning session. An untrimmed wick can produce a large smoky flame and burn through your candle quicker. A wick trimmer is perfect for this. Or just do what I do, pinch it off with your fingers and dispose of it. You’ll definitely need to clean the black grease off your hands though, before you go scratching your nose!

When it comes time to extinguish the flame – DO NOT BLOW IT OUT. You’ve just made your room smell gorgeous. Blow out the candle and thick grey acrid smoke billows up, completely overwhelming any fragrance present. Not to mention that spray of liquid wax that flicked up and out of the jar!

Instead, use a candle snuffer. Just dangle the bell part over the flame to deprive it of oxygen. Two seconds later it’s out. Very little if any smoke is produced and your room still smells amazeballs! So, make sure all you candle addicts have one of these in your arsenal.

Stay tuned for more candle camaraderie, mandle methodology and other useful stuff!

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