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Barbershop is the place to take a load off. Sit back in the leather chair, rest your feet on the metal kick plate and feel that hot steamy towel. Get ready to face the world with a dapper haircut, skin tingling cut-throat shave, conditioned beard and smelling oh so good.

Whiskey Mandle | the Man's Candle


When caveMAN fought sabre-toothed tiger, leather protected him. When warriorMAN went into battle, it was to the sound of leather drums. When flyingMAN first soared above the earth, his wings were made of leather. When sportMAN had his face stamped in the mud, it was over a piece of leather. And when loverMAN took lover for the first time it was on a bed of leather.

Tobacco Mandle | the Man's Candle


I remember, as a boy-MAN visiting my Granddad-MAN. While sipping his pipe he would tell me tall tales of war. Once, at the Battle of El Alamein while digging a foxhole, desert sand blew up his nose. As he was using his pipe to remove it a shadow came over him. It was Field Marshall Montgomery himself. Granddad-MAN immediately pulled the pipe from his nostril. Monty snapped him to attention “Did I order you to take that pipe out of your nose?” “No sir!” he replied “Then get it back up there and hunt out those bogeys!" Granddad-MAN laughed heartily while the sweet smell of his tobacco scented MANDLE permeated the room.

Whiskey Mandle | the Man's Candle


Owen McShane was an enterprising chap. As New Zealand’s first moonshiner he made whiskey from the native Cabbage tree, after discovering the Maori used it to sweeten their food. There was only one problem. They say taste comes from the nose, but his chained  lightning” as the whalers called it, not only removed the nasal lining it made some blind. How did our MAN convince his customers his whiskey was the real deal? A whiskey scented MANDLE burning in every saloon from Riverton to Riversdale.

Gentleman'S Club | Leather | Tobacco | Whiskey




Gentlemen know that great things always come in threes. So we, at William & Emerson, have created the Gentleman’s Club, combining three of our finest MANDLES. We know it's not just one thing that makes a gentleMAN, it’s MANy. We always hold the door open for the ladies, it’s the only way to see both the front and the back. Our drinks come in two types 12-year-old and 18-year-old. Our interior decorating ideas always include mahogany, leather and antlers. And we only smoke in a suitable jacket with unsuitable friends. Our rules are simple but ever so gentleMANly.